Best product for ingrown hair, odour elimination and skin conditioning RESULTS IN DAYS!


APPLICATION:For best results follow these instructions carefully


  • Remove unsightly ingrown hair, shaving rash, bumps, razor burn. bikini line waxing rash issues and more. Legole is odourless and will work in days to bring skin back to its original condition. Perfect for those sensitive, personal areas, and its guaranteed!
  • Apply Legole 3-in-1 Anti Ingrown Hair Serum twice daily to your problem area following a shower with the palm of your hand. Rub in well until the skin iis dry. Legole will effectively shrink the ingrown , exfoliate the skin and sanitise the area for incredible results. Continue application daily until the problem vanishethen 3 times a week to keep it away. Also apply whenever itching occurs as this is a significant indication that the problem is recurring.
  • DO NOT pick or scratch the area as you will make the problem worse


  • Shake bottle well. Squeeze a 50c size amount product into the palm of your hand. Vigorously rub the product in to the affected area until the area is dry and all liquid has evaporated.
  • Do not use any alcohol or creams after application in the affected area
  • Do not pick or scratch near the area during the healing process.
  • Reapply the product whenever itching occurs.
  • After the ingrown hair vanishes, apply every morning and evening to sanitize the area eliminating any odour. and prevent the ingrown hair problem from returning. This routine will keep you fresh and confidant all day – it lasts 12 hours

TO REMOVE EXISTING ingrown hair problem from the bikini line, under arm, legs, face, and more:

  • Apply the Legole 3-in-1 Anti Ingrown Hair Serum to your existing ingrown hair problem TWICE DAILY.
  • Rub the product into the ingrowns vigorously with the palm of your hand until all the liquid evaporates.
  • Do not wash off until your next shower.
  • Use twice daily morning and evening after showering until problem vanishes.
  • This usually takes 3 to 9 days depending on the severity of the issue.
  • To prevent the ingrown hair from recurring, use The Legole 3-in-1 Anti Ingrown Hair Serum BEFORE and AFTER every hair removal treatment be it shaving, waxing, depilation or epilation treatment or use of hair removal creams.
    Also use whenever itching occurs. Apply 3 times a week to prevent the return of the problem.
  • Only remove hair ( thread, pluck, shave, wax or epilate) the face or body hair AFTER your ingrowns have vanished using Legole.
  • Trying to de-fuzz while the issue persists will make it worse.
  • Do not use alcohol, gel or cream based products. Alcohol will burn dry and crack the skin while gels and creams attract bacteria into these sensitive areas due to their stickiness. The Legole formula is water based, pH balanced and gentle to the skin.

TO PREVENT the problem from returning:

  • Apply the Legole 3-in-1 Anti Ingrown Hair Serum to the area, rub in vigorously with your hand and wait 3 minutes.
  • Generously apply the Legole Hair Removal Cream or shaving gel to the area and remove hair preferably in the direction of hair growth.
  • For best results when using the Legole Hair Removal Cream, do the pull test:: Test the strength of the hair by pulling at it every 30 seconds following application.
  • When it easily comes away, wash cream away immediately with warm water only. Pat the area dry. Do not leave the cream on the skin for longer than 15 minutes.
  • Reapply the Legole 3-in-1 Anti Ingrown Hair Serum and rub in until the liquid evaporates to prevent the development of irritation and skin burn.
  • During your next shower apply the Legole Exfoliating Sea Salt Skin Polish to effectively remove the dead skin cells that clog the follicles.

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  • Legole 3-in-1 Anti Ingrown Hair Serum, Legole Skin Polish and Legole Hair Removal Cream should be used together for best results. When treating the bikini line, underarms and more with the Legole Hair Removal Cream, you need to know exactly what the ideal time frame is. If you leave the cream on for too long the skins pH will be upset and burning will occur. If the cream is removed too quickly it will not work properly.
  • Follow this method and you won’t go wrong.
  • After applying the HAIR REMOVAL cream, pull at the hair to be removed every 30 seconds. When the hair easily comes away from the skin , wash the area thoroughly. Wash the skin immediately if skin starts to sting. The time taken to “melt the hair will vary depending on the individual???s hair strength.

Follow this process to assess your time frame.

  • Because most creams work by melting the hair ( keratin) away they should never be left on for longer than is necessary. Do not leave the product on for longer than 15 minutes. These formulas should NOT to be used on the face. We accept no liability for burns when product is left on for too long.

RESULTS: See and feel the difference

  • Within minutes of applying the Legole 3-in-1 Anti Ingrown Hair product, the itching and irritation will stop! The red swelling will recede .The skin cells trapping the hair in the follicle, will peel away. This will resolve the problem within days Your ingrown problem will vanish completely within 3 to 9 days depending on the severity of the ingrown hair problem.
  • NB: If the above does not happen please see your doctor as the layer covering the mouth of the follicle may be too thick for penetration and exfoliation. You may need an incision.


How To achieve the Best Shave.
Men and women suffer for vanity. In the persuit of that clean smooth feel we often end up with niks scratches,scrapes, bumps and INGROWN HAIR.
The ingrown hair problem is suffered by both sexes of all races , all over the world AND all over the body.
Face, neck, back, chest, jock line, buttocks (and in between), bikini line testicles, public area under arms and legs. How often have you seen men and women “scratch” their bikini line , neck or under thier chin? This is because the sharp end of the hairs they shaved that morning is irritating the skin on the neck. Scratching together with the abrasion from clothing or underawear causes scar tissue to develop.


Applying Legole Anti Ingrown Hair Aqua Serum will remove your ingrown hair (shaving rash) problems and keep it away with continued use. If you have an existing ingrown hair problem DO NOT remove hair while you have the problem. Apply Legole Anti Ingrown Hair Serum to dry skin, after showersing. Place a 50c size amount into the palm of your hand. Now close your hand to disperse the liquid. Rub in vigourosuly into the area where the problem exists until dry. Apply TWICE a day until the problem vanishes.Rub the serum in until it is dry on the skin. Do not apply moisturisers during the healing process.


It is always better to shave afetr your shower as the hair will be plump with moisture from your shower and stand away from the skin. This is the first stage of the preparation for the ultimate shave.

Apply the Legole Exfoliating Skin Polish to the face and body while you are in the shower and rub the product into the skin remove the dead skin cells.


Preparing to shave:

  • wet the skin with hot water.
  • apply the shaving cream to the shaving area
  • using a sharp twin blade razor, shave IN THE DIRECTION OF HAIR GROWTH.
  • NB: Do NOT shave against the direction of hair growth. If you do, then you are essentially cutting the hair below the skin where it causes irritatation resulting in Ingrown hairs.
  • For men : Start from the ear and work your way down the cheeks up to the jaw bone around your face.
  • Now still shaving in the driection of hair growth, work your way from jawline to your neck line , working around your face.
  • Shaving above the lip should eb done from nose to lipline
  • Shaving the chin, start from lip work your way down to the chin line
  • Wash your face and reapply Legole 3in1 Anti Ingrown Hair Serum


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