Best product for ingrown hair, odour elimination and skin conditioning RESULTS IN DAYS!

Legole Skin Polish with Tumeric, Sea Salt Herbs & Honey

Legole Skin Polish


Use the Legole Skin Polish DAILY on damp skin, in the shower to scrub away the dead skin cells that give the skin that dull appearance.Pay particular attention to the elbows, kneese, bikini line, under arms and all over the body.May be used allover the face and body.

Leogle Skin Polish will remove the dead layers of the skin to reveal fresh new younger looking skin . Legole Skin Polish contains Tumeric which is know for its anti bacterial and healing properties as well as Honey and Herbs to sooth and nourish the skin. You will see and feel the difference after just one use.  Legole Skin Polish has been infused with these ingredients to produce maximum results.


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