Our unique 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair system GUARANTEES to Remove Ingrown Hairs IN DAYS, Eliminate Odour INSTANTLY and Condition the Skin with daily use.

Be Amazed at the results you will achieve IN DAYS! GUARANTEED!!

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Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair Serum, Odor Eliminator and Skin Conditioner is a triple action Ingrown Hair treatment that guarantees results in days. Legole is voted the best ingrown hair, bump eraser product on legole-bottle-2013 3the market today. Established in 1986, Legole 3-in-1 effectively performs these three functions:

  1. REMOVES Ingrown Hair IN DAYS

The Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair  treatment is an Aqua based triple action formula that saves you time and money. Just apply twice daily to the ingrown hair area and be amazed at the results you will achieve in just days. No need to buy pre and post hair removal products. You now have a complete treatment solution for three problems in one bottle with GUARANTEED results in days! Saving you time and money

How Ingrown Hair and Odor problems Develop

Ingrown Hair is suffered immediately after hair removal, by over 87% of both men and women globally.  Ingrown Hair occurs  after the hair has been removed through either shaving, waxing, hair removal creams, threading, sugaring, plucking, tweezing etc or any other form of hair removal. The unsightly embarrassing problem develops on the bikini line, brazilian, underarm, legs, eyebrows, lip line, men's face, neck, jock line, back, chest, between the buttocks and at the base of the spine.It is also referred to as ingrowns, bumps, razor rash, shaving rash or waxing rash. The ingrown hair problem first appears as a fine red itchy rash which then develops into a lump which subsequently fills with pus that itch constantly . This happens within hours after hair removal when the broken hair tends grows back into the hair follicle causing the irritating itch and major discomfort. Those with coarse or curly hair may experience an acute problem due to the curly structure of their hair where the curls back into the skin causing irritation to the skin.

s2The development of Ingrown hair is usually accompanied by an infection of the hair follicle (folliculitis) or  (pseudofolliculitis barbae), where the skin around the mouth of the follicle fills with pus as a natural body protection mechanism. This problem is uncomfortable, unsightly and is usually accompanied by the dreaded constant embarrassing itching and odour which is a result of the pus filled infection. These problems impact negatively on ones confidence, making us feel nervous and self conscious, preventing us from wearing swim wear, shorts and other revealing clothing that exposes the skin AND  during those intimate moments. Your problems are over ! Legole is the tried and tested solution for over  30 years ! Guaranteed!


before&afterWhen the hair is removed, it is almost always removed against the grain (in the opposite direction to hair growth) where the hair is essentially being cut or broken inside the hair follicle. Bacteria is introduced into the area through picking and scratching, causing skin  to naturally try to heal itself. trapping the hair inside the follicle.  The hair continues to grow inside the follicle in a "spring like" formation resulting in " bumps". People with coarse (dark & thick) or curly hair have a particularly acute ingrown hair/ shaving rash problem because of the texture and curly structure of the hair which curls back into or under the skin causing the problem. No need to worry any more Legole is THE solution to your ingrown hair and related odour problems.

Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair Serum is an AQUA based product that evaporbefore-after-ladies-ates naturally after vigorous application to the skin. It moisturizes and sanitizes the skin and leaves behind NO stickiness in already moist irritated areas. Products that contain Gels, Alcohol, Creams and Oils should not be used on ingrown hair problems as they  leave behind a sticky residue which creates an ideal environment for bacteria . AQUA is also a natural product so there can be no adverse skin reaction after application. Products containing alcohol burns, drys and cracks the skin while creams, gels and oils  may make the problem worse due the moist environment and residue they leave behind. Using Legole 3 in1 Ingrown Hair Serum, you will achieve these amazing results in just days!



Use the Legole ingrown hair treatment twice daily, to remove your Ingrown Hair problem IN DAYS, Eliminate Odour INSTANTLY and  Restore the Skin back to original condition with Daily use. For additional advice on how to get the best results,  email us for a free online consultation on the correct use of the product.

Follow these instructions carefully: Place a 50c size piece of the water based solution in the CUPPED palm of your hand. Now squeeze your palm closed to disperse the liquid in you hand. Using the palm of your hand, vigorously apply the Legole 3 in 1 Ingrown Hair Serum treatment by saturating  the ingrown hair problem and rub the product in well until the skin is dry. Apply twice daily to DRY skin after, showering until the ingrown hair problem has vanished (for external use only).Do not attempt to remove face or body hair while you have the ingrown hair problem as it will only make it worse.

To eliminate odor, apply liberally at any time of the day or night when you feel you need to stay fresh, odor free and confident. *Highly recommended by clients for use prior to those intimate moments too.

Continue daily applications to prevent the return of the ingrown hair and odour problem. After the ingrown hair problem has vanished and you want to start removing the hair, liberally apply Legole  Ingrown Hair treatment both BEFORE and AFTER every hair removal session. There is no need to use pre or post hair removal products as they are and an unnecessary expense. Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair Serum all performs three essential functions in ONE bottle!  Achieve these results below in just days GUARANTEED !

Legole is proven to be the most effective ingrown hair, shaving bump  treatment on the market today. Shake the bottle well before use. You will  be amazed at the results achieved  IN DAYS!!  Order Now! click here 

legole website info For best results use the Legole Ingrown Hair treatment together with the Legole Exfoliating Skin Polish with sea salt, herbs and honey. The Legole Skin Polish should be used DAILY on the face and body in the shower. Legole Skin Polish gently polishes the skin by lifting away the dead skin cells to reveal fresh new younger looking skin. It also cleanses while the herbs and honey nourish and soothe the skin leaving your face and body fresh younger looking and revitalized.


Testimonials : Here's what  Legole users have to say......

"Legole is the only one of its kind most effective product available in the world. No other product sold for removing ingrown hair and odour even comes close to Legole" CathyB


"My name is Rhian... and I have been using Legole 3 in 1 for 3 months now. I always get little red ingrown hairs over my body in small patches. I have tried everything, from changing my shaver, to waxing and different lotions and potions. My partner informed me that he uses Legole for his face and he hasn't seen an ingrown hair since using it. I can safely say the same now. I have not had one ingrown hair, no itching and no red lumps appearing. I love the value I receive for little bottle and I would just like say thank you for making me a happy customer and helping me feel a bit more confident. Kind Regards" Rhian


"Thank you so much!!! Your product is the best on the market! Thank you so much." LucyM....


We have thousands of loyal return clients using our products, because our innovative ingrown hair treatment serum actually WORKS IN DAYS! We are so confident that our tried and tested product is the best product on the market today for removing ingrown hair, that we guarantee results* when used strictly according to the instructions, on a daily basis. This is a guarantee that no other ingrown hair treatment product offers.


*all testimonials are available to view*

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Be amazed at these results you will achieve these results IN DAYS!! Order Now! click here



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Brazilian  *  bikini line  *  under arm  *  legs  eyebrows * lip line *  men's face and body

How to use Legole’s Ingrown Hair Serum


Legole Exfoliating Skin Polish with sea salt, honey, herb and fruit extracts works in conjunction with the Legole 3-in-1 ingrown hair serum. Our skin polish  effectively exfoliates, removing dull, dead cells that clog follicles. This will reveal smooth, fresh new skin. This treatment also nourishes the epidermis, leaving your face and body smooth, supple and glowing.
Exfoliation is an important part of your daily shower routine. Daily exfoliation scrubs away dull dead skin cells to reveal fresh younger looking layers underneath, using natural sea salt as the "lifter" of dead cells and honey as the soother. Other exotic herbal and fruit extracts such as Turmeric and tamarind feed, nourish and protect.
Apply Legole Exfoliating Skin Polish in the flavour of your choice, to damp skin in the shower. Pay particular attention to your feet, knees, elbows, bikini line and underarm as well as your face and body. Rinse off under the shower. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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