Ingrown Hair Treatment Products


Legole GUARANTEES to Remove Ingrown Hairs IN DAYS, INSTANTLY Eliminate Odour  and Condition the Skin with daily use.

Having to shave daily is painful and uncomfortable and results in “shaving rash” which itches constantly and looks like acne. Legole starts working on your ingrown problem on application and you will see  RESULTS IN DAYS! Guaranteed!

Ingrown Leg Hair Removal Products

Women experience ingrown hair problems immediately after hair removal. Its uncomfortable, itchy and resembles an unsightly red rash. Legole gets these RESULTS IN DAYS ~ Guaranteed!


Bikini Rash after Hair Removal CreamLegole 3-in-Ingrown Hair Serum, Odor Eliminator and Skin Conditioner is a triple action Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream that guarantees results in days. Legole is voted the best ingrown hair, Bump Eraiser Cream For Sale in the market today. Established in 1986, Legole 3-in-1 effectively performs these three functions:

  1. REMOVES Ingrown Hair IN DAYS

The Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair Serum treatment is a unique Aqua based triple action formula that saves you time and money. Just apply twice Bikini Rash After Hair Removal Cream daily to the ingrown hair area and be amazed at the results you will achieve in just days as your Ingrown Hairs vanish before your eyes.

No need to buy pre and post hair removal products, they are a con to keep you spending more money to buy more product you don’t need and are completely unnecessary. Our Best Ingrown Hair Removal Product performs all the necessary functions IN ONE BOTTLE to remove your ingrown hair in days, eliminate the odor and restore the skin back to original good condition. You now have a complete treatment solution for three problems in one bottle with GUARANTEED results in days! Buy Ingrown Hair Removal Cream online and save you time and money

How Ingrown Hair and Odor Problems Develop

Ingrown Hair is suffered immediately after hair removal, by over 87% of both men and women globally. Ingrown Hair problem occurs after the hair has been removed via either shaving, waxing, hair removal creams, threading, sugaring, plucking, depilation machines, or any other form of hair removal.

This unsightly embarrassing problem develops on the bikini line, brazilian, underarm, legs, eyebrows, lip line, men’s face, neck, jock line, back, chest, between the buttocks and at the base of the spine. This problem is also referred to as ingrowns, bumps, razor rash, shaving rash or waxing rash.

The ingrown hair problem first appears as a fine red itchy rash which then develops into  lumps which  fill with pus and itches constantly . This reaction happens within minutes after hair removal, causing the constant  major discomfort. This problem reduces the confidence of the sufferer in work, social and intimate situations.

  • Those with coarse thick hair strands or curly hair may experience an acute problem due to the curly structure of their hair where the curls back into the skin causing irritation to the hair follicle.

The development of Ingrown hair is usually accompanied by an infection of the hair follicle (folliculitis) or  (pseudofolliculitis barbae), where the skin around the mouth of the follicle fills with pus as a natural body protection mechanism. This problem is uncomfortable, unsightly and is usually accompanied by the dreaded constant embarrassing itching and odour which is the result of the pus filled infected follicle.

These problems impact negatively on ones confidence, making us feel nervous and self conscious, preventing us from wearing swim wear, shorts and other revealing clothing that exposes the skin AND during those intimate moments. Your problems are now over ! Legole is the tried and tested Best Ingrown Hair Treatment Products for clients internationally for over 30 years ! Guaranteed!

Anti Ingrown Hair Removal Cream
Legole Before and after apply


When the hair is removed, it is almost always removed against the grain (in the opposite direction to hair growth) where the hair is essentially being cut or broken inside the hair follicle. Bacteria is introduced into the area through picking and scratching, causing skin  to naturally try to heal itself. trapping the hair inside the follicle.  The hair continues to grow inside the follicle in a “spring like” formation resulting in ” bumps”. People with coarse (dark & thick) or curly hair have a particularly acute ingrown hair/ shaving rash problem because of the texture and curly structure of the hair which curls back into or under the skin causing the problem. No need to worry any more Legole Anti Ingrown Hair Removal Cream is THE solution to your ingrown hair and related odour problems. You will be amazed at the results achieved almost immediately by using our Best Ingrown Hair Product For Sale.



Legole is pH balanced, water-based, not tested on animals and proven to be gentle on the skin. Unlike other Ingrown Leg Hair Removal Products, this amazing product does not contain any HARSH alcohol, cream, gel or AHAs. All of these additives have been found to exacerbate the problem. Alcohol causes burning, drying and cracking while creams and gels are too sticky, leaving excess oiliness on the skin – which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to thrive.



Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream

Apply the Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair Serum treatment twice daily after showering.

Odour elimination

Our formula also sanitises the skin, and eliminates odour from the area..

Skin Conditioning

Legole is the best product for the removal of Ingrown Hairs, Odor Elimination & Skin Restoration

You can purchase one Legole product that performs all 3 essential functions..



Buy 2 x Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair Serum treatment and receive A FREE HAIR REMOVAL CREAM!

We are so confident that you will achieve results within days that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


Legole Exfoliating Skin Polish with Sea Salt, Tumeric, Herbs and Honey

Legole Exfoliating Skin Polish with tumeric, sea salt, honey and herbs works in conjunction with the Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair Serum. As the Legole Serum heals the ingrown hair problem dead skin cells that clog the follicle needs to be removed. Legole Exfliating Skin Polish uses natural Sea Salt to remove the dead skin cells that clog follicle. The Tumeric sanitizes the area and its anti bacterial and healing properties are well know while the Herbs and Honey sooth the fresh new skin. This treatment also nourishes the epidermis, leaving your face and body smooth, supple and glowing. Legole Exfoliating Skin Polish may be used on the face and body

Exfoliation is an important part of your daily shower routine. Daily exfoliation scrubs away dull dead skin cells that build up all over the body, revealing fresh new younger looking layers underneath, using natural sea salt as the “lifter” of dead cells and honey as the soother. Other exotic herbal and fruit extracts such as Turmeric feed, nourish and protect.

Apply Legole Exfoliating Skin Polish in the flavour of your choice, to damp skin in the shower. Pay particular attention to your feet, knees, elbows, bikini line and underarm as well as your face and body. Rinse off under the shower. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 🙂


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